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Civil Service Employees Association - Unit 9200 - Our Union
1947, CSEA Unit 9200 proudly represents approximately 3,000 Westchester County government professionals working in all County Departments. Professional CSEA members, working together, make Westchester a success every day. 
CSEA Inc. represents nearly 300,000 municipal and private sector employees throughout New York State and celebrates over 105 Years of being one of the Most Influential Unions in the U.S.
Our CSEA 9200 Union Workforce:  We Make Westchester Work !
     CSEA 9200 Executive Board 

Having a union and the right to bargain collectively with your employer is not an old-fashioned idea. Top executives of every major corporation negotiate their own compensation, retirement and severance packages with the companies for which they work.
One page in a contract is worth more than a thousand promises.

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2015 College Scholarship Info for CSEA 9200 Members Only
CSEA Unit 9200 is proud to once again offer 16 (sixteen) $1,000 scholarships to the children of CSEA Unit 9200 members. 
Deadline: Wednesday, April 1st, 2015.
This benefit is funded directly by your CSEA 9200 union.
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2014 Scholarship Recipient Pictures 

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Mar 27 2015  $100K report on Playland's future long overdue        Jim Maisano, vice chairman of the Board of Legislators, said lawmakers have no idea what the report will say but that waiting for it has held up the potential of hiring a private operator to manage Playland. Lawmakers hoped an operator would be in place by 2015, but now 2016 is likely the earliest a deal could be done, he said.  Maisano and board Chairman Mike Kaplowitz, a Democrat, sent a letter to Astorino's administration formally requesting a copy of the report and for a representative to speak about its contents at a legislative parks committee meeting next week.  "We the county paid for it, we engaged it and we have every right to see it," Kaplowitz said.  A Freedom of Information request by The Journal News seeking the report or a draft of the report was denied by the county executive's office on Tuesday on the basis that it was an intra-agency draft that didn't reflect a final policy decision.

Mar 26 2015   Should Americans be in the Streets?  Our Protest-Free New Gilded Age     Audio Report also  American inequality is once again at historic levels. A second Gilded Age. Everybody knows it. A top tier doing great. Scooping up every luxury. Building mind-boggling fortunes. And millions really struggling to get by. To keep hope alive of a better life. In the first gilded age, in the 19th century, Americans were in the streets over inequity. Marching. Brawling. Demanding change. This time, says labor historian Steve Fraser, it’s weirdly quiet out there.

Mar 24 2015  Despite High Nursing Injuries, Govt Regulators Take Little Action  NurseInjuriesSling.jpg (28674 bytes) Audio also  Tens of thousands of nursing employees suffer debilitating injuries every year, mainly from doing part of their everyday jobs — moving and lifting patients.  "It means that workers who are relatively young have to stop working early in many cases," says David Michaels, chief of the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration. "They go home and they have real disabilities. They have trouble lifting up their kids. They have trouble doing a lot of the daily tasks of life, because of back injuries, arm injuries, shoulder injuries. "  On Nov. 14, 2000, just before President Bill Clinton left office, OSHA issued a sweeping new rule that required major companies across the nation to prevent "ergonomic" injuries — the injuries workers suffer to their backs, necks, arms and legs from doing tasks that repeatedly stress their bodies.  Only weeks after OSHA issued the rule, Republicans took over the White House and Congress, pledging to block or overturn what it considered to be burdensome federal regulations. Congress killed OSHA's rule.

Mar 12 2015   Obama, Unions On Opposite Sides Of The (Fast) Track For Trade Deals  TPPRed.jpg (12106 bytes) This week, labor leaders made sure President Obama knows that when it comes to foreign trade, they are living on opposite sides of the track — the "fast track," that is.  Obama wants Congress to give him this power, but unions are launching a political war to thwart the president whom they worked so hard to elect — twice.   "We're going all out" to stop Obama's trade agenda, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka told reporters on Tuesday. The next day, the labor organization announced it would freeze all political action committee donations to federal candidates until further notice — saying it had to "conserve resources for the historic legislative battle" against fast track.

CSEA Headquarters web page on TPP Trans Pacific Partnership Bad Trade Deal   Please play the video to become informed; please call the number to leave your message to your Congressional House representative to save American jobs.  This TPP trade deal is BAD NEWS for American jobs in the USA.  Vital  info on the TPP BAD Trade Deal



Chance of More Snow in Spring 2015 ! 
CSEA Snow Plow Operators Throughout New York Keep the Roads Clear


New York Times Story About Union Members Being Happier than Other Workers 


Mar 11 2015   Economist Krugman Gives the TPP Trade Deal a “Thumbs Down”    TPP.png (6946 bytes)  …it doesn’t look like a good thing either for the world or for the United States, and you have to wonder why the Obama administration, in particular, would consider devoting any political capital to getting this through.

Mar 6 2015    Steelworkers1999 in Indianapolis union has provocative way to fight membership loss from right-to-wk. "Sheet of Shame" publicizes names of free riders   In 13th paragraph:  Chuck Jones, the president of Steelworkers Local 1999 in Indianapolis, has adopted a highly controversial strategy to minimize any membership loss – and said his 2,900-member local had lost a mere 25 members since Indiana enacted right to work.  In this “sheet of shame”, Jones placed the names of a few dozen workers who opted to quit the union and stop paying union fees. He posted that sheet on bulletin boards and the local’s website. “That was a deterrent,” he said. “When people saw other people’s names up there, they had second thoughts about opting out.”   Some workers accused Jones of illegally harassing them, but the National Labor Relations Board did not find his actions unlawful. “ I thought if people want to be freeloaders and have us still represent them, then everybody should know who they are.”

Feb 20 2015  As the Rich Get Richer, Unions Are Poised for Comeback   USW Steelworkers Oil Strikers.jpg (52691 bytes)    BloomberbBusiness After years of avoiding confrontation, the U.S. labor movement is reasserting itself. From the ports of Los Angeles to the car plants of Detroit, unions are demanding payback for sacrifices they say helped revive the economy.   “Employers seem to think that they can push unions, the roots of the American working class, off a cliff,” said Dave Campbell, whose union local represents oil-terminal workers at the Port of Long Beach. “Well, these corporations have made a significant miscalculation in our ability to fight back. There’s a lot of labor strife now, and they could have a major confrontation on their hands.” Campbell’s combative rhetoric evokes an era when unions had the clout to win significant lifestyle upgrades for their members. Wielding the threat of strikes and work slowdowns, organized labor helped generations of Americans join the middle class and stay there.

Feb 19 2015   Guess Who’s Turning 40 – Our Weingarten Rights    Gavel.jpg (18645 bytes)   Did you know that the boss cannot question you without your union representative present? It’s your right as a union member! But, you have to ask for one, according to the U.S. Supreme Court.   Forty years ago, on Feb. 19, 1975, in a case called National Labor Relations Board vs. J. Weingarten, the high court ruled that an employee has the right to request union representation in any meeting that she or he feels could result in discipline or termination. The employer must suspend the meeting until a representative arrives or end the meeting all together.

Feb 19 2015  NYTimes Op Ed: The Cost of a Decline in Unions   UnionAcievements3.jpg (36536 bytes)  More broadly, I disdained unions as bringing corruption, nepotism and rigid work rules to the labor market, impeding the economic growth that ultimately makes a country strong.  I was wrong.   The abuses are real. But, as unions wane in American life, it’s also increasingly clear that they were doing a lot of good in sustaining middle class life — especially the private-sector unions that are now dwindling.   Most studies suggest that about one-fifth of the increase in economic inequality in America among men in recent decades is the result of the decline in unions. It may be more: A study in the American Sociological Review, using the broadest methodology, estimates that the decline of unions may account for one-third of the rise of inequality among men.

Feb 13 2015  Cablevision and Labor Union Make Peace After Three Years   CWAcablevisioncouncil_1.jpg (40296 bytes)   Cablevision and the Communications Workers of America have announced a collective bargaining agreement, marking a breakthrough in of the city's longest-running labor disputes.  It's the first contract for Cablevision's more than 250 Brooklyn technical workers, three years after they voted to form a labor union.  "You know we've been at this for 37 months in a battle to get a contract here. And this union looks forward to opening a new chapter in its relationship with Cablevision," said Chris Shelton, vice president for CWA District One.  Cablevision's struggle with the CWA had become a hot political issue, with the mayor and many city council members voicing sharp criticism of the company over its treatment of workers.

Feb 11 2015  Smoking’s Toll on Health Is Even Worse Than Previously Thought  Smoking.jpg (17828 bytes)  A new study adds at least five diseases and 60,000 deaths a year to the toll taken by tobacco in the United States. Before the study, smoking was already blamed for nearly half a million deaths a year in this country from 21 diseases, including 12 types of cancer.  Audio report 

Feb 9 2015  Cuomo, Lowey announce deal to free Westchester housing grants   About $5 million in grants that had previously been tied up in Westchester County’s housing battle with the federal government will soon be made available through the state.  Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Rep. Nita Lowey on Monday announced a deal to route the federal funding through the state and make it available to Westchester local governments and non-profit groups that had been eligible to receive the grants.

Jan 29 2015  Senator Gillibrand's Plan to Fix Parental Leave  Gillibrand_WNYC.JPG (17556 bytes) Audio Report Unlike many other countries, the U.S. has no laws requiring paid maternity or parental leave. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) is trying to change that with the Family Act, which she introduced in 2013. She discusses the particulars of the bill and why it has languished in Congress.  

Jan 2015 DiNapoli Releases December State Cash Report    NYS is Flush with Money right now  State tax collections of just under $8 billion were $474.2 million higher than expected in December and $716.4 million higher than projected three quarters of the way through the state’s fiscal year, according to the December cash report issued today by State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli. The state has also collected $4.2 billion from financial settlements since April, approximately $3.9 billion more than initially anticipated, with another $1.3 billion expected. "Strong tax collections in December added to a positive short-term picture for the state’s budget, ”DiNapoli said. “However, revenue that is higher than anticipated today does not always mean flush times tomorrow. We will monitor economic and revenue developments closely as negotiations on a new state budget begin in coming weeks.”

Jan 25 2015  Middle Class Shrinks Further as More Fall Out Instead of Climbing Up    MidClassJan2015.png (6207 bytes)   The middle class that President Obama identified in his State of the Union speech last week as the foundation of the American economy has been shrinking for almost half a century.   In the late 1960s, more than half of the households in the United States were squarely in the middle, earning, in today’s dollars, $35,000 to $100,000 a year. Few people noticed or cared as the size of that group began to fall, because the shift was primarily caused by more Americans climbing the economic ladder into upper-income brackets.   But since 2000, the middle-class share of households has continued to narrow, the main reason being that more people have fallen to the bottom. At the same time, fewer of those in this group fit the traditional image of a married couple with children at home, a gap increasingly filled by the elderly.

Jan 21 2015   Maloney, Slaughter gear up for Congress battle over TPP trade authority   MaloneyFastTrack-620x360.jpg (21025 bytes)   Democratic Reps.Sean Maloney and Louise Slaughter are gearing up to do legislative battle against President Barack Obama over international trade.   The two New Yorkers joined several Democratic House colleagues today in announcing they have enough votes to block legislation to provide “fast”-track” approval of trade pacts.   The fast-track process, also known as trade promotion authority, would mean Congress could only approve or reject trade deals signed by the president, but couldn’t amend them.   Maloney challenged Obama to visit the Hudson Valley cities he represents, such as Poughkeepsie, Newburgh, Middletown and Port Jervis.    “Walk over the broken sidewalks and past the shuttered houses down to the boarded-up factories where generations of middle-class families like the ones so many of us grew up in found opportunity and hope,’’ Maloney said. “My test is a simple one. Show me the middle-class families who are going to benefit in the district I represent. And then you can come and ask for my support.’’

Jan 15 2015   Conservative Koch Brothers' Group Puts GOP On Notice    AFProsperity.jpg (179824 bytes)    The agenda covers three areas: taxes, including repeal of the estate or death tax; energy, headlined by a call to build the Keystone XL pipeline; and health care, which includes repealing the Affordable Care Act. Phillips noted that Washington has debated all of the issues for years.

Jan 11 2015 Tom DiNapoli touts strength of NYS pension at swearing-in      TomDiNapoli.JPG (24665 bytes)  New York State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli touted the strength of the state's pension fund and called for campaign finance reform during his swearing-in ceremony Sunday at Hofstra University.   In his speech at the John Cranford Adams Playhouse, DiNapoli said the state's finances are in better shape than when he first took office in 2007.  "It's taken a number of years for New York to be in a stronger position, but we are," DiNapoli said. The praise comes as DiNapoli enters his ninth year in the job. DiNapoli won his November election with 60 percent of the statewide vote. He also won Suffolk and Nassau counties on his native Long Island with more votes that Democratic Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo.

Dec 18 2014  Anti Union Forces Try Their Luck in County Laws  JP-KENTUCKY1-articleLarge-v2.jpg (41635 bytes) UAWCorvetteOfficerJP-KENTUCKY2-master180.jpg (13673 bytes) UAWBowlingGreenKYJP-KENTUCKY3-articleLarge.jpg (37015 bytes) Conservative groups are opening a new front in their effort to reshape American law, arguing that local governments have the power to write their own rules on a key labor issue that has, up to now, been the prerogative of states.   Beginning here in the hometown of Senator Rand Paul and the Chevy Corvette, groups including the American Legislative Exchange Council, the Heritage Foundation and a newly formed nonprofit called Protect My Check are working together to influence local governments the same way they have influenced state legislatures, and anti-union ordinances are just the first step in the coordinated effort they envision.  Doing this county by county, city by city is more time consuming, but it’s also more time consuming and draining for the unions to fight.”  

Nov 2014   Unions: Among the Few Interest Groups Representing the Middle Class      The efforts of unions and other groups that represent the interests of the middle class and the poor are critical for making democracy work. Few individuals have the time or resources for sustained engagement with the political system, especially among the poor and middle class. Interest groups provide the structure for individuals to pool their resources on behalf of their preferred policies, provide legal and regulatory expertise, and ensure effective implementation of policies—working not only to help pass legislation but also lobbying for implementation once policies have been passed. They also can mobilize members, and often the general public, at key points throughout the legislative process.

    Tom DiNapoli, NYS Comptroller endorsed by both the CSEA and PEF unions, talks about the value of the credentialed and qualified CSEA workers in his office, the record high NYS Pension System fund balance, and, at the 10 minute mark, defends the importance of keeping the current Defined Benefit pension system we all contributed to as municipal workers.  

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Aug 20 2014  12 Recent Victories for Workers in Raising Wages and Collective Bargaining  AFSCME Pres. Lee Saunders announced that the union has organized more than 90,000 workers this year, nearly doubling its 2014 goal of 50,000. (Final December 2014 numbers: 132,000 new workers organized by AFSCME)

   12 Recent Victories for Workers in Raising Wages and Collective Bargaining




Meet Maria: Helping her Community in New York Every Day as a CSEA Member      
 "Caring about people is what I do. It's in my blood. If we can get someone functioning outside in the community, then we did our job."   


Why Hourlies Need Unions Also: 98 Minute Wait for Medical Care   audio report also
The laborer, assigned to the Chicago plant that afternoon in November 2011 by a temporary staffing agency, was showered with the solution after it erupted from the open hatch of a 500-gallon chemical tank he was cleaning. Factory bosses, federal investigators would later contend, refused to call an ambulance as he awaited help, shirtless and screaming. He arrived at Loyola only after first being driven to a clinic by a co-worker.

  AFSCME:  A Force to Be Reckoned With

    Pension System Web Site 

Tom DiNapoli: N.Y. pensions are worth defending  
New York State Controller Thomas DiNapoli warns policy makers not to “knowingly push future 
     generations toward inadequate retirement security.”  

NYS Comptroller Tom DiNapoli's Fall 2014 NYS Pension UPDATE

Pensions Strengthen Middle Class and Economy:   pdf version 

Tom DiNapoli's Video Re: the Strong Condition of the NYS Pension System Fund 
The NYS Pension system is fully funded and in excellent financial condition. 

Nov 19, 2011: Women Becoming Unions' New Voices   3 page NY Times article on powerful women in unions 

   By cutting jobs, local govt's do opposite of what is needed to stimulate economy  (CBS video)


Identify your Elected Representative in Albany, NY
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Job and Test Postings Grievance Validated:  
The requirement to post ALL job and test opportunities (regardless of the department offering the opportunity) 
on bulletin boards, by Westchester County, in a conspicuous place, in ALL departments, for ALL employees,
 is per page 9 of our current contract, Art IV, Sec 1, Part G.   
If you don't see Job and Test Postings in your department, and later learn that people have been given 
promotions, please notify the CSEA Unit Office at (914) 995-2151 or stop in and tell us the information. 
Full Story on this link

Read This:  Why is The Triborough Amendment Important to ALL Public Service workers?  

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Public service workers are not the problem. Attacking public service workers will not create jobs. 
Attacking public service workers will not solve the problem of trying to save 
the vital public services that so many rely on.
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Jan 5, 2011 Letters to the NY Times Editor in Support of Public Employees (quick reads)  

What it means to have a union; a perspective from the West coast of the US:  
To be a union member is to be a "caretaker of a great inheritance," .... "We're lucky we've had people come before us who built something out of nothing. We're watching over what someone else built and keeping it strong so we can pass it on to our kids."   "When 100 people are pulling on that rope, it's easier than with 10 people." 
Story    Story as pdf file

CSEA Awareness Campaign: Electronic Notices in Westchester
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 3rd Vice President:  Anthony Savastano  

 4th Vice President:  Sal Sgro

 Secretary:  Teri Rella

 Treasurer: Hattie Adams 

 Sgt at Arms: Israel Rosa


Union Office Address:

Civil Service Employees Association
CSEA Unit 9200  - Westchester Employees Union 
112 East Post Road, Suite 428 4th Floor 
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